- powerful and poetic music

Band and composer duo Bodil Lunde Rørtveit and Jørn Lavoll

SAGN is Bodil Lunde Rørtveit og Jørn Lavolls musical playground. They have a drive for telling universal stories through music and an urge to make them happen in a stage art setting. 

SAGN´s debut album Munch Remastered was released in September 2013. It is inspired by the painter Edvard Munch's fascinating, emotional universe – a journey through strong emotions like jealousy, lust and anxiety, with intense rhythms and expressive soundscapes. Vocalist Bodil Lunde Rørtveit sings without words, but with many voices.

Bodil Lunde Rørtveits passion is vocal art, improvisation and composing. She has experimented within many different vocal genres, like jazz, avantgarde, classical, tango, acapella, folk, world and pop/rock. Bodil is the voice of SAGN and according to the critics she has a glowing stage presence and her voice is fascinating, direct and at times instrumental.

Jørn Lavoll is a composer and music producer for TV and movies, among others the series City of Friends which is shown in 150 countries, and the award winning game Teslagrad. His compositions often have inspiration from mythology, folklore and classic traditions. The result might be sonic dreamscapes, electronic textures and melancholic melodies.