- powerful and poetic music

Band and composer duo Bodil Lunde Rørtveit and Jørn Lavoll

Munch Remastered - Complete album on



All music is composed by SAGN


Bodil Lunde Rørtveit – Vocals and backing vocals

Jørn Lavoll – Electronics, ukulele, harpeleik, percussion

Terje Isungset – Various percussion and jaw harp

Ole Marius Sandberg – Double bass and electric bass

Steve Sklar – Throat singing (on ”The Dance of life”)

Daiguo Li – Pipa (Chinese guitar) (on ”Atttraction/Separation”)

Ingeborg Ekeland – Violin (on ”Jealousy”)


Produced by SAGN

Mixed by SAGN

Engineered by Jørn Lavoll (Draum Studio) and Endre Bremnes Andersen (SpaceKraft Studio)

Mastered by Peter Mew at Abbey Road Studios


Photos by Vidar Hardeland

Cover design by Maria Strøm Astrup


Released with support from Komponistenes Vederlagsfond and Bergen Kommune